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Movie scene rape on a table of a bar “Silent Witness” 1985


The bar rape scene is from “Silent Witness” 1985

This scene is quite rough a group of guys gang rape a drunk woman on a bar table. The threat any one who would try to help her.

You can see how men can be weak, the main guy could have take a chair to attack the rapist, but he rather flee…

three guys rape a woman on a table
The Barkeeper first try to help her with a baseball bat
drunk woman movie rape scene in a bar
She scream for help while she’s undress

Like the story of Cheryl Ann Araujo

It could look like the story of the movie the accused ! And it make me think that I didn’t have shared this pearl of rape scene history. I’ll do it soon !

Cheryl Ann Araujo, a Portuguese-American living in New Bedford, Massachusetts, was gang-raped by four men in a local bar in 1983 when she was just 21 years old. She passed away on December 14, 1986. Her story made headlines across the country and brought rape trial coverage to a wider audience.[1]

The case gained widespread recognition as a model for “blaming the victim” in rape cases because Araujo was subjected to extensive cross-examination by the defendants’ counsel over her personal life and actions throughout the case’s prosecution. Because of the name of the tavern where the incident took place, her case was popularly known as “Big Dan’s rape”.

american bar movie rape scene
The brutality of horny men
boobs of assaulted woman
they want to see her boobs and abuse her
Date: January 8, 2024

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