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Gangrape scene from Il vestito da sposa (2003)

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A group of hunter abuse Stella in a violent gangrape scene

The short gangrape scene from this italian movie “Il vestito da sposa”. Not a very popular film with a lot of bad review, if you have some time to watch it.

It’s not the only scene where you can see the boobs of the actress Maya Sansa. But it’s her unique rape scene you will find in all internet ! So enjoy this rare finding at the fullest.

Il vestito da sposa rape of Stella
while she read, 4 men come to rape her
brutal gangrape scene from the movie Il vestito da sposa
They violently fuck her on the ground with no humanity

She was reading alone in the nature

Two engaged couples that are getting married soon are Andrea and Stella. However, a shocking incident disturbs their dreams: one nightfall, a bunch of hunters rape Stella in the open countryside. This despicable act causes the girl’s life to crumble, exposing a hidden truth: perhaps Stella wasn’t really prepared for marriage. The student quits school and begins working in a bakery, where she meets the dressmaker Franco who made her wedding gown.

The assault of the hunters is really violent, they put a bag on Stella head and brutally fuck her. Abusing her on the ground like the casual prey they hunt. They are no less than beast they kill with no remorse, their vile instinct exploding in violence.

Maya Sansa gangrape scene in the movie Il vestito da sposa
Each guy will take is turn to abuse her pussy

A brutal scene that many will love – A

Even if the full movie is not good, this scene is not bad. It show how brutal could be men in small village long time ago. With the omerta a pretty woman could suffer the sexual assault of a bunch of them, without any justice.

It still happen in many place in India, where elders push villagers to rape poor girls… That should make us think of what kind of society we want… I know many incel would love this kind of society, but can we call us human if our daughters are not safe anywhere ?

the end of the group sexual assault leave Maya Sansa nude and alone
They leave their victim almost naked on the ground
Date: August 6, 2023
Actors: Maya Sansa

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