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One Way (2006) rape scene with a cute Lauren Lee Smith


One Way is about power, blackmail, lies and rape

Not the greatest movie “One Way” is an german thriller frome 2006 directed by Reto Salimbeni. The plot is mainly turn around rape and revenge, where a powerful family hide the crime of the spoiled and vicious son.

But the poor victim Angelina (Lauren Lee Smith) will do anything to have her vangeance on her rapist Anthony (Sebastien Roberts). I think that any plot is a good excuse to put pretty woman in rape scene.

I think it’s a really common fantasy in director mind.

One way rape scene with Lauren Lee Smith
He push her in the ground to rape her
Lauren Lee Smith bra and tits nude scene
You will no see tits in this movie just image them

It’s all start in the office !

The scene is really short and brutal, Angelina forget something in the office and came back. But she fall into Anthony who always found her sexy, and have desire for her body. Without warning he jump on her and push her on the ground, while she try to fight back.

But the violence and the shock block her in fear, while he rip her clothes and slap her. While she’s crying he rape her on the ground, but Anthony is a vicious pervert, he want to hurt her… The scene end with an anal rape, while she scream in pain under the assault of her boss’s son.

Lauren Lee Smith anal rape scene
He turn her with violence to rape her ass
One way brutal rape scene with cute Lauren Lee Smith
The acting is good and brutal

Rape scene review : Short and good scene but not graphic – 17/20

The acting of the scene is quite good, the guy especialy is really frightening ! You can feel how much he’s saddist and insane. He’s the kind of rapist who take only pleasure in pain of others and to feel power. Sadly it’s often the kind of guys who are the boss of big industries and abuse of their power…

The actress, Lauren Lee Smith, do a good job too, you can feel her fear and pain. She’s really good in her role of the cute and gentle woman who fall in devil hand.

The scene is not graphic but should find some like among visitors.

Date: June 5, 2021

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