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Kelly Brook rape scene in Survival Island


Who never dreamed to fuck Kelly Brook ?
One of the sexy star of the 20’s century, the movie is not good, but I think many men Watch it to see her big and attractive boobs.

The scene take place in a desert island after yatch get wrecked in a storm… 3 Peoples are safe, and among them the sexy Jennifer… At one time Jennifer and Manuel have an argue who turn into fight then the guy rape the lady in a beach.

The scene is hot, and the only value of the movie, so enjoy the vision !

Kelly brook survival island rape scene
A girl in swimsuit is easier to rape

Would you rape in a desert island

That is a big fantasy, you are secluded in a island as Survivor, with a cute woman, and you Don’t know when the help gonna come… Dilemna, would you keep your sex starving and still be a gentleman… Or would you fall to your instinct, maybe you will die, let’s fuck a last time before death.

You lay find some answer in reading the manga “Suicide Island”, a good comics quite rough you should discover.

Kelly Brook nude picture
Damn Kelly Brook got really awesome tits

Rape porn review : Hot old scenes

Yeah many people whould think it would be smooth, but back in time you could not see boobs as easely as today ! And Kelly Brook was one of the hottest girl of this time !

Rape scene in movie were rare, and not as graphic as today.

Kelly Brook sex scene
Finaly she enjoy it and let him fuck her in the sand
Date: December 28, 2018
Actors: Kelly Brook

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