Brutal JAV
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Horrible rape scene of a mother and her daughter


Old movie with violent and horrible scene

Not the realisation, but the scene depicted is horrible in morality. The scene is from an old movie that I don’t know the name. In a family’s house where there is only the mother and her two daughters, a group of thieves came for the worth.

They steal everything in the house and also rape the two older women. And the most traumatic, in front of the younger daughter who is just a child… It depict well all the monstruosity of men when it come to sex.

thieves rape a daughter and her mother
They don’t want only money when a cute young woman is there
horrible home invasion rape scene
No pity from those ice hearted monsters.

Vintage movie are sometime more rough

The acting is good, the scene is not really graphic but you can feel how the life is cruel. Poor women alone are see like prey, and the rapist fuck them without any pity or emotion. Not only they take all their goods, but it’s not enough, they want it all.

And they don’t even bother to protect the innoncence of the youngest daughter… It’s hard to believe that some guys could be so cruel, but sadly it happen often in reality.

thieves rape a mother in the most horrible way
the cruelty of men for some moment of pleasure
home invasion thieves cruel rape scene
Abuse of strength and number
Date: April 29, 2023

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