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Rape scene from the movie Blazhennaya


The movie Blazhennaya street sexual assault scene

Short rape scene from the movie Blazhennaya, where a man assault a Young woman (Galina Yatskina) in the street. The rapist is a famous doctor of the city…

Doctor want to rape a young woman
Young woman walking afraid in the street at night

Brutal assault on young woman

The scene take place in dark street at night, the young woman walk alone afraid. A older man run behind her and stop to put back his shoes. But it’s a trap, he quickly jump and block her against a wall to rape her.

She try to resist even someone shout at a window but no one help her… The worst is that once she’s in hospital, she discover her rapist as the main doctor… And that scum will drug her so she can’t talk…

Blazhennaya short rape scene video
Blazhennaya clothes ripping video and scene

Rape scene review : Short and brutal – B

You will not see much skin on this video, but it’s quite brutal. It show that all men can be a predator, even those with good job and responsability. Sadly there is lot of hospital sexual abuse, guy who should take care of you, rape you instead…

Morality or lust, hopefully most men got morality, but always be carefull ! For the movie the director Sergey Strusovsky is skillfull, so I think you should watch it !

Date: March 28, 2023
Actors: Galina Yatskina

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