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Cute brunette tied and rape on a bed


Tied in her bed and raped violently

She didn’t want to sleep in his bed with him, she will be tied and raped ! Sylvia mate Yvan for a date, the diner was perfect he was kind and smooth so he offer to drink a last glass in his home.

She accepted, she wanted to see the home of such gentleman, and hope he got a nice appartement so she could live there. But event turn bad, once she enter, he take her to his bedroom and say “The night was good, we could finish it with sex” The nightmare begin….

Sofia is pushed on the bed to be raped
He violently remove her cloth and throw her on the bed

He always planed to rape her

She refused, but Yvan turn hungry and violent, graping her and forcefully kissing her !
“Please stop, I don’t want, please Yvan not now”

But he don’t listen to her, he removed brutaly her cloth and throw her on the bed. She try to fight back and resist but he’s too strong and she’s too afraid. Suddenly Yvan take rope he prepared and she knew instantly that he was always looking to take her to his home to rape her !

tied and forced to oral sex
tied, she’s forced to suck his dick

When the date turn to a tied bed rape

Once tied, Sylvia could do nothing than undergo the sexual assault of Yvan. First he want her to suck his dick, forcing it in her mouth.

Helpless, she had to feel his dirty sex in her tongue, she just wanted to puke, what happen to her… An hour before she was living a dream, now she’s in her worst nighmare. Violated by a man she thought love, in pain and despair.

Once satisfy by the fellation, he turn her and forced her pussy brutally, he always love her ass, and he love to ram it violently.

helpless woman fucked and abused
He fuck her in all position while she’s helpless

My rape porn review : Average movie – C

For an old movie it’s really good, the girl is cute and got a nice body. Slim boobs, but sexy long leg and a nice ass, those you like to fuck.

And she got a really cute face, that rare in porn actress and always nice to watch !

Date: November 10, 2023

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