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Short shower rape scene from the movie “Final justice”


One of the best rape shower scene
From 1985, one of the worst movie of the history with one great rape scene ! Don’t need to know the plot just enjoy the cute Patrizia Pellegrino when she was younger, attacked and raped !

The guy just enter freely and fuck her even more openmindly, while she’s in shocked state ! Love the way her tits are push against the glass !

We can say that old movie from the 80’s knew how to do nice forced sex scene in short time, impactful and violent as we love it !

Patrizia Pellegrino nude ass final justice
What a lovely tigh ass of Patrizia Pellegrino

Petite woman are really sexy

Many men love small size woman, maybe because they are more weak and frail. In this movie it’s sur she can’t defend herself from her bulky rapist.

Mainly I think petite woman got nice tight ass, sadly their tits are not aften great… But we can’t have all we want 🙂 .

Final Justice movie rape scene
The crime is about to start, she gonna be raped

Rape porn review : Really hot scene

The main impact of this scene is that it’s quick and brutal. A nude girl thinking to be alone, and a man suddenly assaulting her. That the main vision of forced sex fantasy, sudden and brutal.

Those kind of scenes were quite common in the 80’s, many movies had quick rape scènes, with some glimpse of boobs (in this movie they are small).

Today rape scenes are more brutal, also more describing the reality, with wound and violence. In old movies, the girl are forced but not beaten, it was the representation of rape culture.
Alpha male submit the girl they want to fuck and they can only undergo it… It’s a part of many rape, mostly when the rapist got influent power like politicians or famous stars.

But many girls are raped with brutal violence all over the world. The kind you don’t see in movie… Like the poor Sofie Muylle and her horrible murder, wich is pure sickness.

Remember, you can have forced fantasy, but keep it in roleplay or porn movie and don’t cross the line !

Final Justice shower rape scene
Young woman raped in shower againt the glass

Date: December 3, 2021

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