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Soldiers rape a young woman on a table


Hideous soldiers rape scene from movie

A short scene from unknown movie, when a group of russians soldiers rape a poor girl. Some of scene evacuate the mother while she’s raped on the table.

Then an officer arrive and seem to end the drama… But lust and crazyness of men can’t stop… The captain just stop the rape to take his part of the feast… Spoil of war is really cruel for women.

russians soldiers rape a young woman video
The cruelty of war
officer stop a gangrape to take his place
You may thought he came to help her…

Rape fantasy must stay with actors !

This scene is dramatic because it happen every day in Ukrain today, and in many others place in the world ! Even if you can enjoy this kind of kink, I really hope that soldiers rapist will die with long suffering !

For those who like Soldier fantasy, you can find other good movie like this one.

Balkanskiy rubezh (2019) rape scene with Milena Radulovic (

brutal rape during war
But there will be no end to her pain
brutal soldiers rape of a civilian girl
He just want to take his place in the drama
Date: May 10, 2022

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