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Two good rape scenes from Police des moeurs: Les filles de Saint Tropez

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Short erotic rape scenes

Rape scenes from movie are always hot, because short and intense, I think you will love those two. The first one is with a tall and muscular black man who rape a white woman with really sexy body. While in the second an old man abuse on a car hood a sexy blonde near the sea !

erotic rape scenes with black guy raping white woman
This woman got a awesome natural body
amazing tits woman rape on the ground
So nice natural breast is rare !

Rapeporn rating : Short and hot !

The two rape scenes are really hot, even for erotic movie ! Between us I think they are better in erotic and mainstream movie, actors and actress can focus in the roleplay and not the fuck !

The first scene I would love to know the name of the actress, she got a smocking hot body ! Slim and tall with great natural tits and wonderfull ass, I would like to find more movie with her. For the second scene, is great too, the victim is as hot as the first one ! In her sexy ligh blue dress, she reveal a sexy fit body with great natural tits too.

That the good point of old movie, all boobs are natural !

The old driver push her on the car, and remove her cloth to fuck her by force. He burn of desire for her young and beautiful body.

two hot erotic rape scenes with sexy and beautiful women
The second scenes is as much hot as the first !
pretty blonde young woman abused on a car hood by older guy
A beautiful blonde rape scene

Update, the name is found

Thank of a comment from Lawrence we now have the name of the movie. It’s a french movie also know as St. Tropez Vice, a tribute to the famous serie Miami Vice. You can also find the name of the two actress, who were really hot in their young time, especiallly Laure Sabardin.

You can fin some nude photos of her with google, sadly she don’t seem to have done more rape scenes. I’ll try in future to find and upload the full movie.

Date: October 24, 2023

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