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Old movie gangrape scene “Naked Vengeance”


Cute brunette in an old movie “Naked Vengeance” gangrape scene

A hot video with an old movie gangrape scene, I don’t know the source. The scene take place with a single woman alone at home attacked by a group of men.

vintage gang rape scene video
They enter to fuck her
vintage forced undress movie
They quickly remove her clothes

Beast in human flesh

The poor Kiera is alone in her house, quietly sleeping on the sofa. When she hear a sound and someone knocking at the door… What a bad idea to open it…

A groupe of drunked men just enter, they were looking for a cunt for some fun… And Kiera as a cute and beautiful slim woman is the perfect prey for their hunt.

As they tears her cloth to reveal her pretty small tits, they also remove her underwear, leaving her nude body vulnerable to their sexual assault. Each one fuck her in many way, like beast, they just fuck and rape her without rest… A nightmare until the morning come.

Old movie gangrape scene with brunette
They gang rape her on the sofa
old movie gangrape screaming woman
She scream for help

Rape scene review : Really good for a vintage production – A+

The video is short but really good, I like the struggle of the women and how the guys are like hungry beasts. They pursue her like a relentless horde, only stoping once they cum in her.

The actress acting good and she’s really pretty with a nice slim and tall body. Small tits but with nice shape, vintage movie got really good pearl !

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Date: May 16, 2023

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