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Balkanskiy rubezh (2019) rape scene with Milena Radulovic

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War horror in the movie Balkanskiy rubezh

Short rape but intense rape attempt scene for the movie Balkanskiy rubezh, or Balkan Line in english. A group of soldiers stop a civil convoy, and some of them want to rape a pretty woman (Milena Radulovic). She try to resist and fight as much as she can, while they tears her clothes.

Hopfully the hero (Anton Pampushnyy) manage to surprise the military and kill all of them. Saving the woman from the disgrace of sexual agression.

Milena Radulovic drag to sex abuse
He pull her by her hair like an object
Milena Radulovic rape scene from movie
Now it’s time to remove those clothes

The violence of men soldiers

Maybe the solution to remove most horror of war would be to have only females soldiers. Men are brutal, full of lust and frustration and loose oftenly control. It would be intersting to see a world where only women have the right to own weapon.

I think this world may have less crime and rape, but maybe the power could also corrupt women. It may be a solution for a more peacyfull world. There is some goods articles talking about it, like this one from Medium or this other one Only women should have gun.

The high possibility that any women could defend herself would put fear in criminal. It should reduce most crimes, because you never know if a women could kill you with ease.

Hope that it will happen one day.

Balkanskiy rubezh rape scene
She fight and struggle as much as she can
Balkanskiy rubezh or Balkan Line rape scene
The horror of war for women
Date: October 26, 2023

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