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Virginie Ledoyen rape in the Backwoods


The Backwoods (Bosque de sombras) is a spanish movie, not really famous, but with a hot rape scene. The french actress Virginie Ledoyen is forced and abused by a local man.

Virginie Ledoyen forced and rape on a table
He remove brutaly her pant to fuck her
Scene de viol du film The Backwoods
Scene de viol du film The Backwoods
Virginie Ledoyen rape scene
Old man want to fuck the cute and sexy Virginie Ledoyen
Backwood cruel rape scene
The most intense scene for the movie Backwood

French peoples love rape scenes

Not really true, but there is a lot of french actress who played famous cinema rape scene ! Monica Belluci in Irreversible as exemple, but also Brigitte Lahaie.

Maybe it’s why France was one of the last country to punish rape as a crime… For many decade you could abused any woman and have no problem with justice… Hopefully time change, this must stay a fantasy !

Date: December 22, 2019

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