Brutal JAV
Brutal JAV

The silence of the sky (2016) rape scene


She keep her rape under silence

The silence of the sky is an Uruguayan movie realised by Marco Dutra.

The story is about a woman who suffer of a brutal rape in her home, by the hand of two rapists. She decide to keep it secret and not tell it to her husband.

But he have also a secret that he keep for himself… a plan of revenge.

The Silence of the Sky violent rape scene
She keep the silence of her rape

Short but with lot impact

Secrets can hurt more…

Carolina Dieckmann deliver a shocking performance in this scene. You can feel many emotion fear, disgust and wrath. She want to resit but she’s paralized by the fear…

You can see all the horror of a rape in 2 minutes when you are just powerless… You body is no more yours, it’s a toy in the and of someone else. It’s a dreadful experience for women, something some men can’t understand.

So keep it like a fetish fantasy or roleplay like this great actress, and be nice with other :).

Rape porn review : S+ shock

This kind of video is less in the porn vision of forced fantasy, but more in the brutal reality.

I think it’s good too… Men have to see how the rough vision that their act can do… I know it will not change the mind of rapists… But at least I hope it will discourage those who may have the idea to fall to their darkness.

The silence of the sky






Setting up







  • Great acting
Date: December 28, 2020

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