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Bog of beasts gangrape scene of sexy Leticia Colin

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Short and hot gangrape scene from the movie Bog of Beasts

Bog of beasts is a brazilian dram movie made in 2006. A young girl lives with her grandfather in a tiny community in the heart of sugar cane fields somewhere in rural Brazil. She spends her days like a house slave, without any warmth or affection. Evenings aren’t much better.

Behind the gas station, her harsh grandfather strips her in front of local and passing machos, who enjoy admiring her figure. The young man who is excavating a cesspit next to her grandfather’s house is the sole source of interest she receives, albeit doubtful.

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Leticia Colin kidnapped and raped
They drag her to abuse her
Group of guys from Favela gang rape a poor girl
Short and violent rape scene

Anti-female and violent sex around her

This is how Claudio Assis describes the mental state in this remote region of his country, despite the gorgeous light and landscape in his movie. Like a cesspool where the adult women don’t value themselves or each other very much and the guys are obsessed with anti-female and violent sex. Their actions only portend a sad future for the young woman.

It turns out that socioeconomic class is not an issue. Even the wealthiest young guys in the area abuse any lady that crosses their path. The director fails to provide any feasible solutions for this inhumane circumstance. Bog of Beasts’ somber assessment of the situation pierces the heart and spirit. The sludge pit never empties.

Leticia Colin nude in gang rape scene from Bog of beasts
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brutal gang rape scene from Bog of Beasts with Leticia Colin
I think you will love the first minutes of the movie

Rape scene review : Short and violent – A

It’s the first scene from the movie and we can tell it’s raw and violent. With lot of nudity for a mainstream video, there is also two visions of the same moment.

The first one a group of Favela guys kidnap a hot girl dancing and gang rape her in a remote place. The other part, the girl wanted to have some fun with a group of big dicks.

Where is reality ? try to watch the full movie to discover it !

Date: October 9, 2023
Actors: Leticia Colin

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