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La minorenne rape scene with the beautiful Gloria Guida

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Short rape scene from the movie La minorenne

The famous Gloria Guida is raped by bikers in the movie “La minorenne“. They undress her on the ground before they spread the legs of the lady.

The cene is short, you can have some glimpse view on Gloria tits. Not really graphic it’s more like erotic movie.

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Gloria Guida undress by biker
A group of bikers attack the beautiful blonde
Gloria Guida undress in a movie
They remove her clothes while she try to resist

Movie rape scene review : Beauty in troube – A

There is some scenes with the beautiful Gloria Guida, I’ll share them later. This one is good but too short, it’s from the old era. At that time CNC kink lover only got VHS to find some forced scenes.

You could also go in sex shop, but it was expensive and not every shop had a rape section. And there was movie like this one or those following.

La minorenne rape scene video
Then they fuck Gloria on the ground
Gloria Guida rape scene in the movie La Minorenne
You can also find some tits in the scene

And some info of the movie La minorenne

Motorcyclists circling the area threaten and ultimately attack a young woman walking along a remote road. A man in a trench coat, neatly groomed, watches.

Her name is Valeria, and we learn that she is later in the care of some nuns at what looks to be a girls’ school. During the medical checkup, she experiences blurred vision. She kisses the young doctor because she likes him. The other schoolgirls stormed into the room as they were kissing. To her delight, they manage to restrain the doctor and rip off his clothes. They use a set of forceps to perform something to him that looks to be really painful. It’s the same suave, trench-coated gent again. Maybe it was all just a dream.

Date: December 2, 2023
Actors: Gloria Guida

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