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Joy (1977) historic rape scene with Sharon Mitchell


Joy is one of the first erotic movie

Few know the name of Joy today, but for the old one it’s one of their first love. This old erotic movie, is one of the few with a rape scene.

Sharon Mitchell rape happen in her appartement with two hoodlum. Hooligan is the most common rape fantasy in the 70’s.

 Sharon Mitchell rape by two hoodlum
The housewife and the thugs
Joy famous erotic rape scene
thrown on the ground and raped

Rape scene review : Piece of history – 16/20

As the movie is old the quality may be not as good as people seek. But this short scene was for many the only thing they got for their forced fetish desire.

I think many people used their VHS just for this scene, and the acting is really good for this time. At the end Joy seem to enjoy her rape, wich contribute of the rape culture… Guys, that never happen, so don’t try it !

Sharon Mitchell rape on the ground
Abused on the ground like a beast
Joy erotic rape scene from 1977
One of the first rape scene in cinema
Date: July 13, 2021
Actors: Sharon Mitchell

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