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Short rape scene from a movie


Short scene are sometime the best

Short rape scene where a pretty cute slim woman get attacked and raped in a park.
Two guys who seems out of jail want to fuck her, she Knock the first, be get fucked by the other !

slim and vulnerable woman agression
When you are pretty and alone, you can do bad encouter
Short rape scene from a unknow movie
The second guy will fuck her
two brutal men want sex
She fear the worst when she see them incoming

Rape scene critic : Brutal but not graphic

I warn you, you will find no skin in this scene. I don’t know the name of the movie or the name of the actress, if someone got the information.

The scene show how vulnerable is a woman in front of stong men. When there is now one to help her, the worst crime is possible.

Don’t think it don’t happen, saddly it happen everywhere like this case in England

Date: January 7, 2022

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