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Rape scene from the movie Kidnapped


Kidnapped short and violent scene

Kidnapped is an american movie from Zak Forsman and Miguel Ángel Vivas. When an house ransack turn in kidnapping and blackmail, and worse…

Jaime is forced to go to bank to get money, while his wife and daughter (Adriana Yanez) stay with the criminal… But time pass, and one of the burglar decide to rape the pretty teen, while he Knock her mother.

Kidnapped movie rape scene
He throw the teen on the ground and drag her in the bedroom

Rape scene review : Brutal and short as we love – A+

The rape scene is short in the darkness but brutal, the poor girl is banged on her bed roughly… You will not see much but that make the imagination more fertile.

This movie show one of the biggest fear of women all over the planet. Kidnaping rape happen often in the world, most during burglary. It happen also with terrorism and hostage, when criminal decide to abuse the women.

Villa Captive is a perfect movie who show how thing can turn quickly badly, you can watch it here :

Villa Captive hot rape scene – Best rape porn

There is lot of mainstream movie with hostage rape scenes, I’ll share them in future so keep following us !

Rape scene from the movie kidnapped
The scene is dark but violent
Date: April 8, 2022
Actors: Adriana Yanez

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