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The accused world famous rape scene of Jodie Foster


The best mainstream rape scene from The accused

Something incredible and a bug fault of myself, The accused was never shared !!!! One of the best rape scene of cinema history is not on… A tragedy that I’ll repair.

This diamond with the incredible Jodie Foster, got an acting we can rarely seen on screen… Even more today with the witch hunting of rapescenes. But remember, it’s not because a woman tease you, that you are allowed to rape her !

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drunk Jodie Foster teasing men in a bar
Her danse will start the drama
The accused rape scene with Jodie Foster
All the men turn into criminal during this night

The plot of the movie

Sarah Tobias is gang-raped by three men at a neighborhood tavern while numerous patrons cheer. The case has been assigned to District Attorney Kathryn Murphy. Despite the fact that there is overwhelming physical evidence verifying Sarah’s rape. Kathryn believes Sarah will not be a credible witness owing to her troubled past and flirty behavior with the guys previous to her attack. She accepts to a plea bargain, which allows the three rapists to plead guilty to reckless endangerment. A felony without a sexual violation, and serve nine months in prison.

Sarah is enraged and feels betrayed by Kathryn’s decision because she desired the opportunity to speak her tale. Sarah is harassed in a parking lot some months later by one of the men who witnessed and encouraged her rape. In reaction, she crashes her automobile into his truck, landing her in the hospital. Kathryn feels bad about not giving Sarah the option of going to trial and instead providing her assailants a plea bargain. She chooses to charge the males who yelled and applauded during Sarah’s assault with criminal solicitation. If she is convicted, the rape will be recorded, rendering the plea deal null and void, and her assailants would face full jail sentences of five years.

The famous rape scene from the movie The accused
The acting and way to film is realistic and disturbing

The real story of Cheryl Araujo, the source of the accused

Cheryl Araujo, a mother of two, was 21 years old and lived in her hometown of New Bedford, Massachusetts. On March 6, 1983, she decided to buy cigarettes at a tavern called Big Dan’s Tavern. Cheryl got up to go after having a drink with a waitress at a table and was grabbed from behind by a man. Cheryl was raped on a pool table by four men for two hours as other people in the bar laughed and cheered. During the trial, one spectator acknowledged to shouting, “Go for it! “Go for it,” she said as she was being raped. Cheryl manage to flee, rushing down the street half naked and was scooped up by a car she flagged down.

Jodie Foster in a forced sex scene almost nude
Incredible performance from the actress Jodie Foster

Rape scene review : One of the best, if not the best – S+

There is really few rape scenes from movie as good as this one, for me there is only two ! Irreversible and The paradise suit, and The accused is among the top 3. Jodie Foster acting as the teasing victim, or the actors as brutal rapist, all is perfect.

The way she try to resist, they block her and she try to scream during all her rape… This scene always printed in my head since I saw this movie. And I think many guys in this site feel the same. It’s horrible, but fascinating to watch.

I think this movie build lot of rape fantasy in many brain, even if it was not the goal.

Date: January 10, 2024
Actors: Jodie Foster

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