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Old pervert save and rape a woman in a tunnel


Strange to save your future victim

Don’t know from which movie this short scene is from, maybe an eastern country. A old man walk when a found a young man who try to rape a woman. With courage he save her and scare the thug. As a gentleman he help the woman after this shock.

But as no one is around, and it’s been a long time he didn’t fuck, his lust get stronger. He savagely attack the woman and block her against the wall then fuck her.

Once satisfied he flee before someone could catch him… Human nature can be cruel and pervert !

black and white movie rape scene
Young thug want to rape a lady
old man save a woman from a rape
First she thing to be safe with this sudden hero
Old man save and rape a woman
But he also want to fuck a cunt if he can.
old man rape a woman against a wall
The hero is just another savage pervert

Street rape is something that happen often, it can be dangerous for women to walk alone in city. Usualy the rapist are drug man or migrant, but sometime family men can fall to their dark desire.

It’s strange how lust can turn the mind of men… How an old casual guy could turn to a beast, just to put his dick in a hole… People are really strange

Date: January 12, 2021

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