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The most brutal rape scene in cinema, Gutterball

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Candice Lewald rape in the movie Gutterball

Candice Lewald very brutal sex and nude scene in the slash movie Gutterball. During a scene a group of nerd gangrape her… And they will do it the most violent way, on a pinball or a snooker table.

Candice Lewald Gangrape
She shouldn’t have fun of them
Gutterball brutal rape scene
One of the most brutal rape scene of the cinema

With more than one thousand view this video is the most popular in the site. The second one, not far away, is the gangrape of Amber Daikiri. Sadly the scene is not avaible in HD the movie is too hold, but maybe on day there will be a remake !

That’s was in 2023 and it seem that Gutterball is still your favorite video !

brutal gangrape in the movie gutterball
The acting is really good for a bad movie

Some info about the movie

“Gutterball” is a horror film released in 2008, directed by Ryan Nicholson. The movie is often categorized as part of the slasher and exploitation subgenres due to its graphic violence and intense scenes. It’s important to note that “Gutterball” is not widely known or celebrated in mainstream cinema and primarily targets fans of extreme horror.

The plot revolves around a group of friends who decide to go bowling one night. However, their innocent outing takes a dark turn when they encounter a sadistic and murderous individual in the bowling alley. The characters find themselves trapped and pursued by this deranged killer, leading to a series of brutal and gruesome deaths as they attempt to escape.

“Gutterball” is known for its extreme violence, explicit content, and unsettling imagery. The film’s primary focus is on shock value, aiming to elicit strong reactions from its audience through its disturbing scenes and graphic portrayal of violence. As such, it’s important to highlight that the movie contains scenes that may be highly distressing and inappropriate for sensitive viewers.

Candice Lewald Gutterball rape scene
Candice Lewald Gutterball rape scene

Rape scene review : Gutterball still at the top after all the time – S+

With near 300k visit Gutterball is still the most viewed on the site ! with forty thousand more view than the second one !

Soldiers rape in Iraq war a woman refugee

It seem people love gangrape, violence and sexy busty girl ! I’ll take good note and try to share more videos like this one.

Date: April 20, 2024
Actors: Candice Lewald

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