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The most brutal rape scene in cinema, Gutterball


Looking for brutal rape scene ? Watch Gutterball

Candice Lewald very brutal sex and nude scene in the slash movie Gutterball. During a scene a group of nerd gangrape her…

The movie is a really bad horror/slasher movie, but what we are looking is just this scene. I think the realisator really into rape fantasy and realise his dream with a smoky hot girl abused.

Gutterball brutal rape scene on a pool
This scene is brutal and many of you love that
One of the most violent rape scene in cinema
The gang of nerd decide to have a revenge

Rape scene review : A memorable scene, and really popular one

With more than 200 thousands viewers, I can tell that this scene is really popular ! And three is good reason for it. It’s bloody, with good acting and with a hot girl. Guess it will reach 400 k in 2023.

It’s rare to have good gangrape scene in mainstream movie, you can find some like this brutal ghetto rape scene. But it’s not for lightheart people.

Candice Lewald Gutterball rape scene
Candice Lewald Gutterball rape scene
Candice Lewald brutal rape scene in a movie
Really good acting, maybe too much

All the ingredient to shock your mind is in this short but violent scene. Pervertion, fear and rage, when a girl who act like a bitch turn to sextoy in the hand of a bunch of hateful maniac.
I think many rejected guys had those things in mind. Remember never do the same !

Date: November 24, 2021
Actors: Candice Lewald

2 thoughts on “The most brutal rape scene in cinema, Gutterball

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