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I spit on your grave 2010 remake full movie


Sarah Butler in the famous rape and revenge “I spit on your grave”

I spit on your grave is not the first rape and revenge movie to exist, but one of the most famous. The first version came in 1978 by Meir Zarchi, and chocked the world.

More than thirty years later, here is a remake even more violent than his inspiration.

Sarah Butler ass in I spit on your grave
The scene is really violent
I spit on your grave violent gangrape scene
She can’t escape of this violent gangrape

The lust of men and their violence

The story is about a novelist Jennifer Hills who travel to Louisiana, for peace to work on her next book. Jennifer is a pretty young woman, and she don’t go around quietly in her travel. A man try to seduce her, with a big fail…

But the frustration and lust, will push him and his friend to harrass her, at first. But it will turn in a brutal rape and an attempt to murder her, to hide their crime. Escaping from them, Jennifer prepare the most brutal revenge against her rapist !

Sadly this kind of story happen to women everyday all over the world. And the end is not as fair as in the movie. Remember the site hate real rapists ! And we wish they all suffer like those bastard in the movie.

Hope that all rapists suffer one day as in I spit in your grave, that would be real justice !

Sarah Butler gang rape scene
Raped by a policeman, the worst horror

Rape scene review : Really raw and violent – A+

Really graphic, even if we don’t see dicks, the acting of the crew is incredible. It’s really horrible how men can enjoy dominating a single woman in that way. That’s maybe the essence of gangrape fantasy, an eternal paradox.

Men want to show they are strong with raping a woman… But act like the worse cowards in doing it in gang. I spit in your grave really show this paradoxal perversion.

Sarah Butler nude in a movie
Beside horror Sarah Butler is really pretty
Date: June 7, 2024

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