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Pyatnetskiy hot rape attempt scene


A good forced sex attempt with sexy girl in movie Pyatnetskiy

Pyatnetskiy is a movie from 2013, but Don’t know where it come from, and the name of the actres… Sadly because she’s hot ! She got long beautiful legs and really cute face.

That the sad side of rape scene, they are hot but we never have enough.

Pyatnetskiy forced sex video
Pyatnetskiy forced sex scene, the attempt is avoid by a pretender
Pyatnetskiy hot rape scene on a bed
He try to rape her on the bed, and fuck her tight ass

The plot of the scene

AS the movie seem Ukrenian, I didn’t understand a word, but it seem the tall girl have to pay a criminal…

She give jewel and money, but he can’t stop starring this beautiful bitch, and wanting to fuck her… He first try to do it smoothly, but she refuse… So he give her no choice, push her on the bed and start to undress her.

Hopefully for the victim (or badly for the watcher) a guy came in and stop the rape !

Woman attacked by criminal on a bed
She’s blocked on the bed while he remove her pant
Criminal want to blackmail for sex
He came to ask money and jewel, but he seem to want more

Rape scene review : Short and hot – B

It miss some skin, but the scene is good, short and brutal as it should be. The lust and strength and violence of men from east !

Would love to know the name of the actress, but I think she have a small role in Pyatnitskiy.

Date: January 18, 2024

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