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Cannibal and rapist in strange short video


A short movie with a disturbing cannibal

It seem like cannibal are also big rapist in cinema producer mind. Like the holocaust movie (one of the most violent) man eater seem to love rape cunt.

The scene take place with a group of student in journalism, doing a reportage on a hobo eating human flesh. But the guy attack and kill a cop with his partner, and now rape the woman cop.

cannibal hobo attack a female cop for sex
After eating he want sex
hobo remove the pant of a female cop for rape
She’s to afraid to resist

Rape porn review : A bit disturbing – 10/20

It’s a personnal review, i’m not really into gore stuff. Hopefully in this one as a low budget video you don’t see many thing. It’s not a graphic rape scene, but some may love this kind of ambiance.

Let see your vote !

cannibal rape a woman cop on a table
Between violence and horror
Short forced sex scene for low budget movie
The video is really short.
Date: August 1, 2021

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