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Rape scene when an interview turn to rape


Be carefull with dance interview

This scene is from the movie “The paradise Suit” form 2015, but a great scene…
Three Young women came to do a dance casting, hope to be future star, but the interview is not what it seem…

The real purpose of the casting is to get new prostitute to foreign country, as the girls to remove their clothes the boss decide to rape them. Three muscular guys enter and start to strip them and rape them against the ground, while they cry or try to resist.

Really short and hot scene, graphic and nice played.

interview rape movie scene
Look at their innocent face, they don’t know what await them
Young women movie rape scene
they strip and fucked them roughly on the ground

Rape scene review of “The paradise suit” – S+

The scene is among the best I have seen in the cinema. Short, brutal and realistic, it turn the stomach to watch it. Since Irreversible rape scene, there is few scene as shocking.

The woman traffic, is one of the worst in the world. What this scene show you is just a glimpse of the horror poor women live. The movie The paradise Suite is not only about that, and receive many prizes.

I recommend you to watch the full movie if you have the opportunity, porn is one thing, but culture still better. And it’s rare that film with rape scene are good, oftenly they are just not worth to watch.

Sex slave business rape scene movie
The cruel reality of sex slave business
dance Interview turn to rape
The acting is incredibly good !
Date: February 12, 2023

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