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Daryl Hannah rape in “The Clan of the cave bear”


Between cave bear and cave men

The clan of the Cave Bear is at first a book write by Jean M. Auel, in 1980. But also a movie from the novel realised in 1986 with Daryl Hannah, more famous for her role in Splash or Kill Bill.

Daryl Hannah in the clan of the cave bear
Hard live of cave women
Caveman rape a prehistoric woman in forest
When neanderthal fuck Cro-magnon

Life of a Cro-magnon

If you want the plot of the movie, it’s about a young Cro-Magnon Ayla (Daryl Hannah) who become an orphan afer an earthquake.

She found and rise by a Neanderthal tribe, but her intelligence will make her feel apart of them.

She will suffer many rape by the future chef of the tribe, wich will even impregnant her.

The movie don’t have good critic, but if you have curiosity to watch it, be free. If you don’t have the courage, juste watch the rape scene.

Daryl Hannah rape scene in the Clan of the Cave Bear
Broud rape brutaly Ayla alias Daryl Hannah
Blonde Cro-magnon rape by a cave man
Her beauty arise lust and violence in the young chief

Rape Prn review : C, average

The scene is quite short and not graphic, but it’s cult you will no see many scene with Daryl Hanna like this one.

I will stop to post movie rape scene for the moment and share some vintage and BDSM in future.

Date: December 31, 2020
Actors: Daryl Hannah

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