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Soldiers rape woman refugee in Irak


The awful reality of Irak war.

A group of refugees in Irak fall in a patrol control of American soldiers. But those guys are beast and decide to rape one of the women. In front of her family, who can do nothing than witness the horrible crime.

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The cruelty of rape of war
Irak rape porn video
The poor Irakian woman is raped by the group

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Sadly it’s a really od movie with a bad video quality. Even if Irak war is passed, our world still full of conflict and rape tragedy.

Maybe today in Ukrain, Russians soldiers will do the same… When you are ready to kill someone, what can stop you of abusing a woman ?

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I’m not sure that studio will produce that kind of video today, now it’s taboo. But if I find some, they will be upload in this site for sure ! But for the moment, enjoy this moment of dark pleasure.

Irak woman rape by a group of soldier
No a single soldier try to stop them
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Their dick is more important than their honor
Date: March 14, 2022

14 thoughts on “Soldiers rape woman refugee in Irak

    1. Trump.. if it’s really you yeah… you’ve done enough… and your wife will be angry if she finds you on porn

  1. Rape is a unforgiving crime in every part of the world and in every religion.
    And the stuff written about Ukraine and Russia is disturbing.

  2. soldiers cum is so important to them they dont care if they are soldiers, yes in probably ukrainian woman are being going the same pain as these girls

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