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Soldiers rape in Iraq war a woman refugee

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The horror of rape in Iraq

A group of refugees rape in Iraq fall by a patrol control of American soldiers. But those guys are beast and decide to fuck and abuse one of the women.

In one of the face of horror during war ! Hopefully it’s a fake video, but sadly that happen during all the conflict

woman abused by american soldiers
Even american soldiers are monsters

The lust of woman in the desert

Another day in Iraq, far from their country and home. This group of soldiers are in one of their many patrol… Always in fear of death, to die without seeing back their family and their love.

Their women miss them, it’s been long time they didn’t fuck a cunt. So when they found a group of refugee in the desert with a cute and young woman, the once human here to save humanity turn into the worst deamons.

horrible gang rape in Iraq war
The soldiers of humanity became monsters

Porn rape review : Bad quality but nice niche – B+

Sadly it’s a really od movie with a bad video quality. Even if Irak war is passed, our world still full of conflict and rape tragedy.

Maybe today in Ukrain, Russians soldiers will do the same… When you are ready to kill someone, what can stop you of abusing a woman ? Rape in Iraq war happend often and did lot of casuality, as we can see also today in Israel.

In the niche of Soldier rapist, you will also like this great movie, with a hot natural busty girl. Her tits are unbelievable !

Amazing busty babe get fuck by force during Irak war

I’m not sure that studio will produce that kind of video today, now it’s taboo. But if I find some, they will be upload in this site for sure ! But for the moment, enjoy this moment of dark pleasure.

violent soldiers rape in Iraq desert
The poor refugee have no chance to escape

Rape in Iraq war, not a common fantasy

Strangely, there is not so much rape porn production about Iraq war. While their is really many about Second world war… Maybe is because Nazis can be depict as monster more easily than american or european soldiers.

CNC Actress : Average, do the job

Nothing special to say, a dark hair cute woman, with natural body. As she’s clothed, you don’t see much in the first part. In acting it’s ok, she fight back enough, but as much you would do against armed guys.

CNC actors : Do the job, but could work the text

A bit overacted, but I think it’s to show that it’s fake ! Wich is a good thing. As it’s a fantasy porn, being too real can be disturbing. But overall they are doing the job.

A difficult rape roleplay : Intermediate

As the movie it’s quite difficult, you need a lot of people to reproduce this scene. But you can also play it in couple, wich is more easier. You only need a soldier costume and a fake gun. You can also play it in threesome way that could be even better.

Iraqui woman violation during battle
They abuse of all her holes

Soldiers rape in Iraq war




Girl appealing


Setting up




War drama



  • One of the few movie with this plot


  • Bad quality video
Date: January 22, 2024

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