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Short but hot gang rape attempt on pretty woman


A gang attempt to rape at night

This rape attempt scene is really short, from a movie wich I don’t have the name. The scene take place at night in the street.

A group of thugs attack a woman in a parking, they molest her beautiful and generous natural breast. And then push her on a car hood to fuck her.

But a hero came from a telephonic cabin and beat all of them.

group of thugs gangrape at night
Three guys decide to attack a poor woman
Rape attempt and molestation on pretty woman
She have beautiful tits and they love to molest them

Why men are coward and gangrape ?

I think it’s because it easier… To attack a woman alone may not be easy if you are not strong, in this movie to be three made the attack more easy.

And also men who are courageous don’t need rape to fuck, they are self confident and can seduce women.

In India and poor countries many rapes are gangrape, in european country they are less common. But blackmail and rich men rape happen more often, the culture may also impact the reason of those aggression.

When we see movie, even occidental movie, the gang rape are always with poor people. Maybe rich men are too proud to share a prey, act more like single predator. When poor men, act more like hyena and pack carnivor, because face to the justice they may have more chance to escape.

It’s really interesting (and fightening) how human still have so bestial instinct within them. We think that we are better than animal, but we keep follow our natural behavior.

rape attempt on the hood of a car
They try to rape her on a car
pretty woman rape scene in a old movie
She thing that it’s the end, hopefully a hero will came !

Rape porn review : A+, Short and hot

Some may love longer scene, but rape scene of movie are the best ! They are short and brutal, like reality. And the less you see the hotter it is !

The grope scene is really good, the way they molest her perfect tits, is hot. We want to see more like them, but we can’t.

This scene of rape attempt is like a delicious sweet, you want to enjoy it but it’s too short.

Gang rape attempt at night




Breast quality


Heroic act




Want to see more



  • The woman is really a beauty
  • Love the way they grap her tits
  • Frustration to not see more
Date: December 20, 2020
Actors: Victoria Vetri

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