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Midget rape scene in the Blood Rose with Valerie Boisgel


Two midget attack the galmourous Valerie Boisgel

A new movie rape scene from the movie The Blood Rose, where Midget sexual attack a woman. This french movie will show a lot of beautiful women nude, in this scene it’s Valerie Boisgel. Two darves men strip and rape the beautiful woman.

Midget rape the beautiful Valerie Boisgel
Great acting from all actors
Valerie Boisgel nude in The blood rose (la rose ecorchée)
She’s really got a perfect body

Some info about la Rose écorchée

“La Rose écorchée,” also known as “The Blood Rose,” is a French horror film released in 1970. Directed by Claude Mulot, the film is a blend of psychological horror, mystery, and eroticism, typical of the era’s exploitation cinema.

The plot of “La Rose écorchée” revolves around a wealthy and eccentric aristocrat named Frédéric Lansac, played by Philippe Lemaire. Lansac is a sculptor who becomes obsessed with creating a masterpiece that captures the essence of death and decay. He also happens to be in a troubled marriage with his wife, Christiane, portrayed by Anny Duperey.

As Lansac’s artistic pursuits become more macabre, he starts to experiment with a twisted form of sculpting involving human bodies. He coerces his wife into posing as his model, leading to increasingly disturbing and violent scenarios. The tension escalates as their relationship deteriorates and Lansac’s artistic obsessions drive him to commit heinous acts.

Valerie Boisgel naked in erotic movie
Even more view of her wonderfull body

A gothic erotic movie

The film is characterized by its gothic atmosphere, dark themes, and a focus on psychological turmoil. It explores the boundaries between art and madness, as well as the destructive power of obsession. “La Rose écorchée” is often associated with the horror genre’s fascination with the macabre and the taboo during that period.

It’s worth noting that the movie is considered part of the “giallo” subgenre, a type of Italian thriller-horror cinema that features elements of mystery, suspense, and often graphic violence. “Giallo” films were influential in shaping the horror genre, particularly in terms of visual style and thematic content.

However, it’s important to mention that “La Rose écorchée” and similar films from the 1970s may contain content that some viewers find disturbing or offensive. The film’s approach to violence, sexuality, and psychological distress reflects the era’s distinct cinematic sensibilities, which might be quite different from modern storytelling norms.

Midget rape Valerie Boisgel on the ground
Locked and exhausted, the midget finaly rape her

Rapescene review : Great acting and beautiful actress – A

Valerie Boisgel is an incredible beautiful woman, her natural body is almost perfect. She have nice natural tits, pretty face and curvy form made for love. The realisator made an incredible crazy idea, midget rapist !!! No one thought of this idea before, small men also crave for women pussy.

The scene depict more than 1 minute of struggling, Valerie tring to fight back her attacker. But as she’s locked with them, she don’t see anyway to escape. When endurance fall, she cannot resist anymore to their filthy hand.

Looking for more Midget rape scene ?

Sorry if you like this scene and midget forcing women, it’s the only one I have in my collection. And I don’t think I have seen another scene of this kind.

Date: August 14, 2023
Actors: Valerie Boisgel

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