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Masked rapist abused of a blonde woman


The fantasy of masked rapist, perfect for roleplay

Masked rapist is a common idea in rape fantasy. It’s not always the case in criminal reality, but for roleplay with your partner it’s better.

With the mask it’s more easy for the consent victim to imagine another man, a stranger. But be carefull to take a good mask with who you feel confortable. Sexual fantasy can be rough and hard to push.

Masked rapist video
He tied her so he can abuse her
Mature woman oral rape video
firt she’s forced to suck his dick

There is some good scene, I really like the blowjob when he’s standing. But the best one is at the end when he fuck her roughly against the sofa.

Rape porn oral sex viol abused
He like the way she suck him

Porn rape fantasy review : Good idea – C+

The movie is not the best you can find, but he can give good idea for CNC roleplay. The rythm is good, no violence, just fantasy. As in the video you can use a fake gun to push more the realism, perfect for beginner. But don’t go to far when you start.

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Date: March 9, 2022

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