Brutal JAV
Brutal JAV
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Baise moi very rough rape scene


“Baise moi” is a french movie who received a lot of critical because of his violent… It’s Strange, with “Irreversible” it seem that french like rough and brutal rape scene.

The last movie of Karen Lancaume

Saddly this movie is also the last movie of the french porn actress Karen Lancaume… She played in many forced sex movie, like “La mante religieuse” (that I’ll share later), but she kill herself in 2005 at the age of 32…

I think the hard life in pornography, with no consideration, where you are Nothing more than meatbag, killed her… She was a great actress in a dark world

It may be strange word from someone who got this brutal fetish site, but fantasy must stay out of reality… As long as it hurt no one, porn is enjoyable… But when it spoil human life, it’s the most disgusting thing in life…

really rough rape scene
One of the most violent rape scene
Violent rape scene from the movie Baise moi
“Baise Moi” the first violent rape scene from a french movie
Rape scene from the movie baise moi
The second rape victim don’t try to resist

Rape porn review : Too brutal

The acting is really good, but the scene is really a brutal one. The guys beat the girls and blood can be see.

Baise moi, french rape scene




Girl appealing


Setting up





Date: October 9, 2019

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