Return to sender (2015) rape scene with Rosamund Pike


Good acting in brutal rape scene from the movie Return to sender

Return to sender, is an american psychological thriller, with the famous Rosamund Pike. It’s about a woman who wait her blind date named Kevin, but the guy is William and he want something else.

She’s violently raped in the table of her kitchen by this mysterious guy. If you are curious about the movie, the plot is a classic rape and revenge. But as many movie with famous rape scene, they are overall really bad… Don’t waste time and just watch the scene.

Rosamund Pike in a sexy home dress
Return to sender rape sex scene with Rosamund Pike

Rape scene review : Good acting

Rosamund is quite hot with her home dress, showing her slim and long body. She got also a good acting in the brutal sequence, with lot of fight.

The scene is not really graphic, but should satisfy most of watcher ! Some more skin is always better, but you will have to let your imagination do the work here !

Rosamund Pike rape on a table in the movie Return to Sender
Brutal rape scene with the famous Rosamund Pike
Date: November 27, 2021
Actors: Rosamund Pike

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