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Jennifer Aniston rape scene in the movie Derailed (2005)


For those who dream of Jennifer Aniston rape

For the reunion of Friends actors her a Jennifer Aniston rape scene. It’s the only scene from the actress who played Rachel Green, so enjoy it !

The scene is not really graphic, Jennifer is not an actress who show easily her body. It’s impossible to find nude picture of her, those you find are all fake, but you can have a glimpse of her butt here.

sexy cloth Jennifer Aniston Derailed
The couple start to have some fun but…

Rachel Green rape fantasy

For 10 years the serie Friends came to TV and changed the way of life of billions spectators. I can’t tell how much the fans love all the actors, but I can tell you that men desired Jennifer Aniston in her role of Rachel Green.

Pretty woman, with nice curve and breast, she became the sexual fantasy of millions guys… And they hate Bradd Pitt for the same reason !

Vincent Cassel viol Jennifer in Derailed
… The big bad wolf came and want to fuck

The unique and exclusive Jennifer Anniston rape scene

As the sex scene are really few, why not watch a Jennifer Aniston rape scene instead ? In this movie “Derailed” she’s the victim of a mysterious stranger played by Vincent Cassel.

Two rich executive fall in love and decide to have some sex at an hotel… But suddenly a mysterious guy Laroche enter, beat the guy, and rape the woman at gunpoint… The rest of the movie don’t need more interest, it’s a really average movie.

struggling Jennifer Aniston rape scene
She try to resist of the sexual assault…

Rape porn review : Rare so it’s good – 16/20

The scene is not really graphic, and don’t push really far… There is more hot scenes in many other movies. But it’s rare to see a Icon like Jennifer Aniston in such scene, so it make it interesting.

Jennifer Lawrence played many rape scenes in her career, and they are way better ! But for the effort, i’ll give some point for this scene.

Jennifer Aniston rape with a gun
…But the rapist got a gun

What is your favorite rape scene ?

As you can see in this site, there is a lot of rape scenes from many movie. Also really beautiful actress like Monica Belluci in Irreversible. But what do you like the most ? When it’s brutal ? The beauty of the victim ? or the struggle ?

As Gutteball have a lot of view, I think that busty lady and violence are the weak spot of the visitors.

Date: August 10, 2022

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