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Villa Captive hot rape scene

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Liza del Sierra rape scene in Villa Captive

Villa captive it’s an special hostage movie, and like all good hostage movie there is rape scenes ! And I can tell you they are hot as hell, Liza del Sierra is abused twice for you pleasure.

Villa captive movie rape scene
Liza del Sierra raped in Villa Captive
Busty porn actress raped on a bed
Love the way they brutaly abuse her in this scene

Some info about the movie

Emmanuel Silvestre is the director of “Villa Captive” (formerly known as “La Villa”). French director Silvestre has made a number of movies, including “Le rêve d’Esther” (2001) and “Koropa” (2016), as well as a great deal of documentaries and TV shows.

The lavish environment of the villa contrasts with the gloomy and frightening mood of the kidnapping in Silvestre’s distinctive visual style. He also emphasizes the psychological elements of the narrative, delving into the nuanced relationships that form between the victim and his captors.

The suspense and tension in Silvestre’s direction, as well as his attention to detail and nuance, have all received accolades. He creates a cramped environment that heightens both the captive’s and the audience’s sense of peril and unpredictability.

Overall, this picture is intriguing and thought-provoking in large part due to Silvestre’s directing.

Villa Captive anal rape scene
The pant is removed for some anal rape

Hostage horror fear : the rape

The plot of this movie is a porn actress celebrities buy a house, but the neighbors, some teens, already watched some of her movie and recognize her.

With a such hot woman living near them, in their mind, and their common fetish. The desire grew everyday… They decide to attack her house to steal, but also to rape.

Held as hostage, they will assault her two time before she take her revenge.

Can’t tell you the quality of this rape and revenge movie, never watch it, but the assault scenes are really hot. Especially the one filmed with hand camera.

Hot rape scene from a movie
Tied, she can’t defend herself

Looking for more hostage rape scene like Villa Captive ?

There is a lot of movie with this kind of plot. House jacking that turn in horrible rape is the fear of all women. That’s why realisator love to show it, it always shock the audience !

Manuela Vellés forced sex scene

You can retrieve this fear in the movie Kidnapped ! And the rape of the daughter.

Date: September 7, 2023
Actors: Liza del Sierra

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