Villa Captive hot rape scene


Villa captive it’s an special hostage movie, and like all good hostage movie there is rape scenes !

And I can tell you they are hot as hell, Liza del Sierra is abused twice for you pleasure.

Hostage horror fear : the rape

The plot of this movie is a porn actress celebrities buy a house, but the neighbors, some teens, already watched some of her movie and recognize her.

With a such hot woman living near them, in their mind, and their common fetish. The desire grew everyday… They decide to attack her house to steal, but also to rape.

Held as hostage, they will assault her two time before she take her revenge.

Can’t tell you the quality of this rape and revenge movie, never watch it, but the assault scenes are really hot. Especially the one filmed with hand camera.

Date: December 16, 2019
Actors: Liza del Sierra

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