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Expensive Tastes 1978 rape scene


Expensive Tastes an old movie with a Strange plot ! Don’t worry it’s not the full movie you will find here, just the rape scene. Here a summary…

A man date pretty woman, but the couple is brutaly interupt by masked men who violate the woman. That’s really bad luck… But it seem to happen often as a cop is one of the rapist, and all those date are trap made by thos men to rape pretty woman.

woman raped on the floor in expensive tastes
The victim is raped on the ground by the rapist

Funny fact of this hard movie

It’s really Strange that the director of this movie is a woman Maria Lease (known for many horror movie)… In 1978, there is really few female movie director, but a woman who decide to film rape scene… that’s quite disturbing…

But who will complain, for the age the scene is quite realist. Slim woman abused by masked men, that was the fantasy of old time.

Expensive tastes blowjob
the guys like that their dick is licked by their victims

Rape porn review : Oldies are godies

Expensive tastes is a classic in controversial movie, like cannibal holocaust… Not many plot, no great actor, but shocking scènes…

Yeah today those scènes look like vanilla, but at that time it’s was incredible !

Date: August 28, 2019

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