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An elegant chinese woman raped roughly on a bed


One rare video with a chinese woman raped from the movie “Lust, Caution”

There is not many chinese woman raped videos, this one is from a movie, but don’t know it’s name. As far the actress, I would like to know her name, never seen her before.

With the quality of the video we can say it’s an american mainstream, maybe a serie. Series today got really rough sex scene, you just have to see with Games of Throne to understand what I mean…

I have found the name of the movie it’s Lust, Caution from 2007, the actress is Tang Wei and the actor Tony Leung.

Violent rape scene from a movie with asian
Like in Basic Instinct he push her against the wall

The prostitute seem to take too much time

It seem that in this movie there is a gangster (as he got a gun) with an elegant prostitute. But when she undress she take too much time and he want violent sex.

So he use his belt to tie her hand, and he rape her by behind. She seem to like it finaly as he kiss her.

Beware, it’s fantasy movie. Not all girls like to be slaped and roughly violated, in truth they are only very few woman who love it !!!

So even if Hollywood try to show it like sexy and hot, it’s far from reality.

You love tight ass ? You will like this scene

Porn rape review : Hot and sexy scene – A

Mainstream movie got really nice scene, it’s always better with professionnal actors and actresses. There is not so much skin on the scene, just a really nice view on her butt.

This scene look a bit like the rape scene with Jeanne Tripplehorn in Basic Instinct. A rough and violent guy, and a woman who finally love it… I recall it, that not reality !!! If you do the same you have 99% to en in prison… So avoid it !!!

mainstream scene of a chinese woman raped
Rough fuck on the bed with slapping and belt

Chinese woman raped and roleplay

Easy plot to do at home, just be sure that the victim partner love to be slapped. And don’t forgot the safe word, especialy in tied situation, it’s important.

I think many CNC lover would love to play this scene !

woman resting on a bed after a violent sex
She take a rest on the bed while he watch her… seem he love her finaly

Actress : beauty, sexy and with class

A really pretty chinese woman with great acting job. It’s not an easy scene and she do it perfectly. And if you love tigh ass, I think you will love it too !

Actor : Professionnal

Perfect job from the actor too, he’s rough, brutal and without any passion. I love the way he hesitate when she cross his eyes… Like he could fall in love with her… Just to push her head and finish to fuck her.

But it seem that he got feeling toward her.

Date: September 22, 2022
Actors: Tang Wei / Tony Leung

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