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A Clockwork Orange famous and eternal rape scene


One of many A Clockwork Orange rape scene

The famous rape scene from the movie A Clockwork Orange, the masterpiece of Stanley Kubrick. It shock the history of cinema and movies. There is mainy rape scenes in the movie, but this one is the most famous.

A clockwork orange famous rape scene
Adrienne Corri make a wonderfull acting
Home invasion in brutal mainstream movie
The thugs in the worst brutality

A movie who still work in mind !

The impact of the movie in our culture is still strong ! Even today a french book make a reference of it La France Orange mécanique. It represent the violence and brutality that can push group of men, when no law bound them.

Sadly it happen often, there is a lot of house jacking that turn in beating and gang rape. With migration there is also an explosion of violence, everywhere in the world.

A Clockwork Orange Adrienne Corri rape scene
Not even your home is a safe place
Stanley Kubrick movie rape scene
Vicious and brutal men with crazy mind

Rape scene review : Mythical – S

There is more graphic and impacting rape scenes today, like the one of Irreversible. But this one knocked the mind of generation of human. It show you how, even in a modern world, you are vulnerable to the brutality of vicious men.

Even your home is not a safe place of malinious intent, even today. I hope that someday people could live safely, and criminal will be punished in the most cruel way.

Date: May 8, 2023
Actors: Adrienne Corri

One thought on “A Clockwork Orange famous and eternal rape scene

  1. I remember when I first saw this many years ago, I was more offended by it than turned on. Now, I find it pretty good for a mainstream movie.

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