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Hollow Man rape scene (2000) the violent video with Rhona Mitra


The memorable Hollow Man rape scene

In 2000 cinema offer another show of our rape addict producer, Paul Verhoeven, Hollow Man rape scene ! The brillant but arrogant scientist Sebastian Caine (Kevin Bacon) discover a serum to turn invisble living being. Real and complete invisibility, even better than rogue cloak in WoW.

The military and spy us could be incredible, or even to do justice… But this guy got more pervert thing in mind… This new found power and liberty will be used to molest and rape women.

In this scene the victime is the sexy Rhona Mitra, she’s famous for her participation in many actions movies. Always as the hot girl, but some time as the heroine like in Underworld 3.Rise of the Lycans.

Rhona Mitra nude in hollow man rape scene
Such sexy body, she don’t know but her rapist is in the place

Would you do the same ?

Invisibility is a really powerfull ability, but would you use this power the same way ? Sadly I think yes, a study show that 1 Man out 3 would rape if he was sure to never get caught. I think it’s more 50% of men, and even more, lot of them must lie.

In this scene Sebastian, is sure that justice cannot get him. In the full impunity of his new state, he sneak in the appartement of the girl and stalk her… To finaly brutally rape her on her bed.

violent rape scene with Rhona Mitra
Famous scene of cinema, quick and hot

Are men sexual predator by nature ?

With all this number and when we know that 1 out 6 Women in america has been the victime of an attempted or completed rape… That give shiver in the spine… Humanity have hunt down all the biggest predators, to became his own predator…

That really sad for fragile peoples to live in the terror of sexual aggression… To have not faith in male, and fear the worst every day… As I say often in this blog, rape fantasy should be keep in role play, cinema or porn… Even for actress it’s a difficult moment, in real it’s even more terrible…

Wish a world where women don’t have to fear men !

Rhona Mitra invisible man rape video
Nothing is worse than an invisible rapist

Rape scene review : Memorable without age – A+

I think every one who have seen this scene can’t forget it ! For the most perverts, when they saw Rhona nude in the window and the shower, they hoped that he will rape her… This such sexy woman, alone and vulnerable, and with great tits.

They got full satisfaction, because Verhoeven love forced sex scene, and he know how to film them.

Rhona Mitra nude on a bed after her rape
The shock must be unbearable

What do you think of Hollow man rape scene ?

Do you think that Rhona have a good acting or not ? This scene is quite difficult to do in roleplay ! But with a lot of imagination, why not ! That could be fun !

In eroge game from Illusion like Rapelay, you can turn the guy in transparent, that’s almost like invisible.

Date: August 4, 2022
Actors: Rhona Mitra

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