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Rikke Lylloff rape scene in Kaktus movie


Rikke Lylloff almost naked

In this movie Helene (Rikke Lylloff) have a secret sexual desire, being raped. She push her fetish to the limit and hire a gigolo…

But things will not turn as she want, rape fantasy is not as simple as the plot in your head. This is very like the french movie Elle, with Isabelle Huppert.

Rikke Lylloff rape scene from movie Kaktus
She didn’t want it, but the drama can’t stop now
Rikke Lylloff nude scene in the shower
She seem to have a nice body, you will not see more

Is rape role play safe ?

That the good question of this movie, I will say be careful, it’s better not doing it with a stranger.

It’s important to have a safe word to stop when things are going to far. Rape fantasy is really emotional, as a woman you leave all the power to your partner without limit ! It can have a bad impact in your confidence and sexuality.

Doing it with a stranger is pushing the danger and the control too much. So never follow the movie, keep this fantasy with someone you fully trust, and no one else.

Kaktus rape fantasy scene
Her fantasy turn out of control
Kaktus movie short rape scene
The gigolo rape her on the ground

Rape porn review : too short – B

Sadly we would love to see more skin, she seem to have a really nice body and breast… But you will not see as much ! The scene is really short (many men cum quickly) you will have to watch the movie to see not much more !

Looking for similar short scene ?

Short scene of rape with a tall eastern girl, if you like it, you should love this one. It’s only a rape attempt as a guy save the woman. So as Rikke Lyllof sequence, you will not see many skin, but CNC is like horror movie, it’s better with our imagination !

More share will come soon !

Rikke Lylloff rape scene




Loosing control




Fuck on the ground





  • She's a beautiful woman
  • Aware the danger of rape roleplay
  • The shower scene


  • Too short
  • Too bad we can't see more of her body
Date: December 23, 2022
Actors: Rikke Lylloff

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