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Death Wish rape scene (1974) the brutal gang rape on a family


Watch the famous movie Death Wish rape scene

The first Death Wish rape scene movie with the legendary Charles Bronson ! There is a remake made in 2018 with Bruce Willis, but if you are looking for violent sex, there is no such scene in the new movie.

So discover this old movie who terrified every family, in the fear of burglary rape drama.

Home invasion of Paul Kersey house
Three thugs entrance in Death Wish movie
Carol violent rape in the movie Death Wish rape scene
Thug push one the ground Carol to rape her

One of the most graphic violente mainstream movie

Of this age, long before the Clockwork Orange, one movie entered in the dark screen and shocked America ! The story is so simple and so frightening, about a simple successful middle class family. All was going well for Paul Kersey (Charles Bronson) and his family.

But in a single instant all the peacefull life turn in drama. A group of three thugs follow his wife and daugther to their appartement to steal them… But as they don’t have enough money, all turn in blood and flesh !

Graphic rape and violence

They beat the mother while raping the poor daughter Carol (Kathleen Tolan). You don’t see sexual organs, but in mainstream movie during the 70’s there were only few movies with forced sex scene.

The scene is less graphic than in the second Death Wish, but it’s still shocking if you go back in time. The thugs tears the clothes of the poor Carol, and rape her on the sofa. The next scene show one of the forcing her into oral sex, while her mother lay wounded in the ground.

violent movie Death Wish rape scene
Half nude Kathleen Tolan rape on a sofa
Kathleen Tolan ass in humiliation scene
One of the guy paint Kathleen Tolan ass with red bomb

Rape scene review : A legendary classic – A+

I think lot of forced sex addict register this scene on a VHS rape, and watch it many many times ! There was really few rape scenes in mainstream movies, and most were banned from TV. So Death Wish is like the first one to disturb the mind of all modern family !

Special note for the appareance of Jeff Goldblum (Jurassic Park), as one of the rapist thug. Who could imagine him in this role !!!

Death Wish rape scene the terrible drama of life

But the reality is also hard… What the hero live in this movien is what any man and woman fear… To have his house invaded by violents men, see his wife killed and daughter raped… The trauma will never disapear and I think it’s one of the worst thing to live…

If it would happen to me, I think I will do just like Paul Kersey… I’ll never find rest until I kill or made suffer the rapist ! Always think that this horrible thing could happen to your family.

Date: March 31, 2023

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