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Basic Instinct the famous rapescene with Jeanne Tripplehorn


The hottest sex scene from the movie Basic Instinct

In 1992 came a sulfurous movie who will make talk of him for decades, Basic Instinct. This film from the famous Paul Verhoeven, (who made others great productions like Robocop and Total Recall) is known for all the violent sex scenes. It’s one of the first erotic thriller, with many big name like Sharon Stone, Michael Douglas and Jeanne Tripplehorn.

This scene is one of my favorite, between consent and forced sex. Nick Curran and Elisabeth Garner, go in her appartement and Nick suddenly grap her. They have some really hot touching and kiss, until he rip her cloth violently and grop her tits.

The touch go smooth again, but Rick is a violent guy… He push Elisabeth to the sofa to fuck her in doggystyle while she beg him to stop. I think he go anal, as she scream but we don’t know and we don’t care.

Michael Douglas and Jeanne Tripplehorn sex scene
Nick is a violent guy, he tear her bra
violent sex scene with hot Jeanne Tripplehorn
Between violence and love, rape and passion

Verhoeven and rape fantasy

I can tell you, Paul Verhoeven love rape scenes… Basic Instinct is not his first movie and not the last with some… I will upload many of them in futur but here some name Elle, Showgirls, Hollow man and la Chair et le sang. All this movies got graphic rape scene, and one of them is dedicate to rape fantasy.

If you keep following this blog you will soon know wich one ! If you are curious you will discover it by yourself. And I’m sur I’ll find more if I look all his cinematography.

Jeanne Tripplehorn anal rape scene in Basic Instinct
His face is like a mad man craving for sex
great and got rape scene from the movie Basic Instinct
Her perfect ass make him crazy and violent

Rape scene review : Unforgettable – 20/20

This scene will always be one of the best of the cinema, as smooth as violent. I really love the face Michael Douglas do when he snatch her pant, he’s like a maniac. And how Jeanne struggle and try to avoid to be fuck violently, after loving his smooth kiss.

I think many people fall in rape fantasy after watching this scene, it was the first in a famous mainstream movie. Without doubt Paul got a big influence in rape culture, with victime loving their rapist.

Date: July 6, 2021

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