Brutal JAV
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Brutaly gang raped in the ghetto

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Ghetto, drugs and violent sex

This movie from Black Sun productions (not the music band) take place in an american ghetto. The director Sean Weather depict the brutal life with gang and rape.

A group of black men turn into junky a poor women to turn her into whore, men can be cruel… Beware this movie is really violent !

Junky get gang rape by black men
Under the crack, she can’t resist their assault
Violent gang rape of a junky in a ghetto
They will gang rape her with violence

One of the real face of rape

The violence of this movie named “They all must die” can seem unreal… But sadly it’s an usual day in a ghetto… The plot turn in rape and revenge, the length is quite long more than one hour.
It depict a middle age woman, trying to study and work to have a better life. But a guy came to her place to seduce her… Wich she don’t like and ask him to see someone else.

She’s a white girl, wich is rare in this place, they always wanted to fuck a caucasian chick, and they want to do anything to do it. During all the first part of the movie they try to tease her, but nothing work… One night they decide to wait her in the corridor, and attack her.

They grap her in her appartement, and start to force her to take drugs (craks) and in this weaken state they abuse her
In her bedroom they will gang rape her violently, like in porn movie, as she’s not able to resist…

The scene is really violent, the guys are young men, but they act like barbarians… But that the way of their life… Blood, violence and frustration. They even put object in her vagina…

At the end she will take revenge and kill them all… Wich is a good thing…

violent gang rape scene with gangsta
The scene are really graphic and violent
rough and extreme gang rape in the ghetto
Take this movie as a warning of violence

Rape porn review : Too much brutal

As I said I don’t like those kind of movie, but I hope this one could disgust some people… Rape fantasy and real rape is not the same thing… In porn it’s turn to be hot with really almost no violence and look fake… In reality it’s an horrific moment.

The acting is good, too much good… Personaly I had difficulty to watch it… I don’t know how could actors play it till the end… Keep it a fantasy !

Date: March 19, 2023

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