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Maid in Sweden rape scene with Christina Lindberg


The beautiful Christina Lindberg nude in Maid in Sweden

Watch the nude body of the goddess Christina Lindberg in the movie Maid in Sweden (1971). The video is short, but incredibly hot ! The beauty is assulted by a man on a sofa, he can’t resist to her curvy and lovely body.

Christina have a pretty angelic face, and big natural and beautiful tits, her body is the perfection. Her rapist remove her white robe to kiss and grop all part of her flesh.

Maid in Sweden rape scene with Christina Lindberg
Christina Lindberg in a sexy white dress… Tentation for men
Christina Lindberg vintage rape scene
She try to resist to his lust
Christina Lindberg perfect big natural tits
Those tits are just amazing, the paradise of men

This girl is so hot !!! You want more ? I have more !

You can watch the beautiful body of Christina Lindberg in another movie in the site. 2 Years after Maid in Sweden she will play in Sex and Fury, with another great rape scene.

No men can resist to her body ! That was forty years in the past, because now she’s an old woman.

That could be chocking today, but this movie was in the category sexploitation. The date rape scene turn in consent sex, that is a really bad exemple for men.

It’s a big part of rape culture, where woman will fall to alpha behavior and persistent men… That’s wrong !!! You will only cause trauma to you victim, gain the faith of woman, not fear.

forced nipples sucking scene
Think many men would love to be in his place
Christina Lindberg rape scene on a sofa
That was the golden age of CNC sexploitation
nude sex scene of Christina Lindberg
The scene is short and the rape turn to consent ! That it’s fantasy, not reality
Date: February 6, 2023

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