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SCISSORS rape scene with Sharon Stone (1991)


The unique elevator rape scene of Sharon stone in the move Scissors

The movie Scissors, is among the first movie of Sharon Stone, just after Total Recall. Long before she became the worldwide famous sexy woman in Basic Instinct.

The film show a short rape attempt scene in an elevator, where a stranger try to rape her. She manage to defend herself and wound him, but she’s in trauma after the sexual assault.

Rape attempt scene in an elevator with Sharon Stone
The stranger want to fuck her in the elevator
Scissors rape scene with Sharon Stone
The attack is quick and brutal

Some talk about the movie

“Scissors” is a psychological thriller film released in 1991, starring Sharon Stone in the lead role. Directed by Frank De Felitta, the movie tells the story of a troubled woman named Angie Anderson, played by Sharon Stone, who works as a hairdresser and suffers from severe agoraphobia.

The film revolves around Angie’s life, which takes a sinister turn after she becomes the target of a series of threatening and mysterious phone calls. Trapped in her own home due to her fear of the outside world, Angie becomes increasingly paranoid and isolated. She becomes convinced that someone is watching her and intends to harm her.

As the tension escalates, Angie begins to question her sanity and the intentions of the people around her. She starts suspecting her own clients, neighbors, and even her boyfriend. The movie explores themes of paranoia, fear, and the blurred line between reality and imagination.

Stranger sexual assault on Sharon Stone in a movie
She manage to wound her attacker

A good acting performance of Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone delivers a compelling performance as Angie Anderson, portraying the character’s vulnerability and psychological turmoil with intensity. Her portrayal effectively captures the desperation and isolation experienced by someone suffering from agoraphobia.

It incorporates elements of suspense, mystery, and psychological horror to keep the audience on edge throughout the film. It explores the psychological depths of its protagonist, immersing viewers in her unraveling reality and constant fear.

While the movie may not be as widely known as some of Sharon Stone’s other notable films like “Basic Instinct” or “Casino,” it stands as an intriguing entry in her filmography. The movie offers a gripping portrayal of a woman trapped by her fears and the unsettling journey she goes through as she tries to decipher the truth amidst her paranoia.

Overall, the film showcases Sharon Stone’s acting prowess in a psychological thriller that delves into the complexities of the human mind. It serves as a chilling reminder of how fear can manipulate and distort our perceptions, blurring the line between fantasy and reality.

Short rape scene of the movie SCISSORS with Sharon Stone
Good acting but no skin in the movie, just a pantie

Rape scene review : short and no skin – B

The acting is good, Sharon is a great actress ! But for those who would love to see boobs and ass, this is not the good movie. They should watch the brutal scene from The Paradise Suit.

Date: July 16, 2023
Actors: Sharon Stone

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