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Daenerys rape by Khal Drogo in Games of Thrones


The famous Daenerys rape scene from GOT

To say the truth Daenerys rape never happen in the book ! That is just a scene that HBO added to earn more viewers, like boobs bait in Youtube. Many producers used this easy way to shock and make people talk about their production.

I think there is also a lage part of fantasy, like Verhoeven did in most of his movie like HollowMan. You can be sure if men are behind the camera, violence will always be sexualised.

Khal Drogo and Daenerys after wedding
After the wedding it’s time to ra… fuck

Emilia Clarke felt degrade by this scene

In George R.R. Martin wrote the wedding night, Daenerys was surprise by the gentle and caring behavior of Khal Drogo, and felt in love… In the serie, the destiny of the Targaryen princess is less romantic, Khal Drogo is just a brutal rapist.

It was not easy for the actress Emilia Clarke to play this scene, who’s really degrading for women. Even the author was disagree with this scene. But machism is still strong in Hollywood, and the degradation of women will still be a fuel of selling screen time… Wich is stupid, Games of Throne is a fantastic serie, and removing the rape scene would only made it better !

Emilia Clarke topless with nude tits
He strip her by force for her wedding night

Rape scene review : The most famous pilot rape scene

Westworld also got a pilot rape scene, seem that in this time it was really common to disturb watchers mind ! The scene is there to show the brutality of the world but it’s a bit too much sexualised. Especialy when Daenery smile at the end watching the eggs.

It’s too much glory for rape culture, be a matcho and strong, rape your woman and she will love you after all… That just stupid… Sexual violence is horrible and there is no way you are strong when you brutalize a woman… The show miss the opportunity to reveal of the horror of this crime, to make it more hot !

It don’t bother me in porn movie, that’s the goal, but in mainstream, that’s more disturbing.

Daenerys rape scene in Game of Thrones
This scene is to much sexualised and promotion of rape culture

What do you think of Daenerys rape scene ?

It’s always interesting to share thought with peoples into CNC content. Do you think this scene was important for GOT serie or not ?

Sure if you have watched the serie, there is more violent and graphic scenes in future episode. But I think it’s the scene that everyone still remember.

Emilia Clarke in Daenerys rape scene
Emilia Clarke find this scene degrading
Date: October 21, 2022

2 thoughts on “Daenerys rape by Khal Drogo in Games of Thrones

  1. The rape scene is hot 🥵🥵🥵 I’m glad the put it in! I love watching woman get raped like the whores they are!

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