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Chubby girl get sexual disgrace


Chubby girl don’t run fast enough

Don’t remember of wich movie this scene is from, an old movie but this chubby girl is quite cute and sexy.
Love the way he strip her on the ground as punishment of her failed escape.
Even if she scream she will have to pay.

chubby student running
She try to escape, guess she will fail

First he will molest her and her nice natural tits, then she will have to endure the heat of a car.
No need to say that her ass will turn black because of the punishment.

If any people know the movie name, please tell me.

student strip on the ground movie scene
She really got nice boobs, don’t you think ?
movie forced strip scene
the ground is an hard place to be molested

Rape scene review : Shor as I like them – A

As I said short scene are the best one, the tension grow up as she running and he pursue her. And once she get caught you hope to see some skin.

There is no pentration or sexual scene, but the struggle and molestation are good !

Old erotic movie where not always with graphic sex scene, looking for similar video tryy this one :

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Date: April 6, 2022

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