The Howling (1981) rape scene


The Howling is a Werewolf movie from Joe Dante, and maybe one of the best on this theme.
The story is about a woman journalist Karen White (Dee Wallace), tracking a serial killer Eddie Quist (Robert Picardo), but the trail take her to a mysterious colony… What seem simple and natural, hide something scary, and deadly…

Deleted rape scene from the howling
This scene was deleted from the movie

Why rape scene in an horror movie

Firstly because Joe Dante is a pervert ! He always wanted to catch in his camera a woman being forced… So he decide to add such scene in his movie..

When Karen have a meeting with Eddie, in a sex shop, she’s forced to watch a porn movie… Wich depict 2 men raping a pretty woman in a small woodhouse.
While she watch the movie Eddie turn to a Werewolf but he’s shot by the police.

undress woman boobs in the movie The Howling
As the movie is not X rated, you see mainly boobs

Rape porn review : A great scene

Even if not graphic, I really love the way the girl resist to the rape… She struggle until the end !

It’s difficult to find the full scene of the Howling, in the movie you can only see few instant ! Hopefully, you will not only have the full rape scene, but also the deleted one !

Where the actress is forced on a car, so enjoy, download or watch in stream and react !

Boobs scene from an horror movie
Horror movie always got boobs scene
Date: September 7, 2019

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