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Scène de viol du film Dupont Lajoie


Scène de viol mean rape scene in english

La tristement célèbre scène de viol du film Dupont Lajoie, mais très bon jeu d’acteur.
Jean Carmet (Georges Lajoie) surprend Isabelle Huppert (Brigitte), la fille de son ami, bronzant topless dans la nature.
La pulsion est trop forte il décide de la violer au milieu des herbes hautes…

viol film français dupont lajoie
La pauvre victime essaie de se défendre
Isabelle Huppert scène de viol
Il arrache sa culotte et le doigte alors qu’elle crie

Rape in France was legal until 1978

Until this date, men were not put in front of justice when they raped women. It was the gang rape of two Belgium lesbian tourists that change all thing in this country.

And hopefully for women, before this date many hitchhikers were abused on the road… Street were dangerous for any girl. And that is to remind to all humans ! Rape is a crime, never do it !

It can be a fantasy, but keep the world safe for women. It will be better, and maybe you will find easily CNC partner for fetish game.

Viol sur le sol du film Dupont Lajoie
Il la viole sur l’herbe pendant qu’elle crie

Rape scenes reviews : Great acting but brutal end

This scene was one of the most graphic you could find in mainstream TV, lot oçf skin and incredible acting. The end is brutal as Georges kill the poor girl while she try to resist.

It seem french producer love rape scene, as one of the most realistic scene in cinema is also french :

Irreversible the famous shocking rape scene with Monica Bellucci (

Maybe rape culture is really important in France, as many actors got justice problem in this country… As many politics and company director. That not that surprising when you know it was denouced as a crime so lately in history.

We can hope that thing will change in future.

Date: April 4, 2022

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