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Hitchhiker rape scene from the movie


The movie Hitchhiker rape of ladies

Want to watch the graphic Hitchhiker rape scene ? It’s a common thema in thriller movies… It show the dangerosity of the road, not only for ladies, but also for men you go with them…

Hitchhiker movie forced sex scene
Look like she got big nice tits

A 2007 thriller, but not a famous movie

The story is about Jack Carter, a dangerous and crazy guy scavenging Utha road for flesh and death. His favorite victims are Hitchikers, especialy women. He will throw his interest on a group of 4 ladies (Melinda, Patty, Kristina and Denise), and drug them to sexually assault each one.

He try to find excuse of his behaviour because he was betrayed by women… Wich is lame, but will no stop him in his devasting revengefull drive.

In this scene, whe can see Jack force Denise (Shaley Scott) to go on the bed and remove her shirt, just to threat her to do a blowjob… When he’s horny enough, he push Melinda (Sarah Lieving) wich he start to develop fondness and rape her too… But that not enough, he go back on Denise to roughly fuck her in doggystyle. That scene show how much this guy is crazy.

Melinda take the opportunity to attack Jack by behind and strangle him with plastic bag… Will he survive ? Just watch the movie to know it !

movie Hitchhiker rape scene
Nice view on topless actress

Rape scene review : Short and good ! – A

Just to see the big tits of Shaley Scott, this scene is good ! In acting it’s also nice, no much skin, could be better, but there is a certain crazy violence in the ambiance… A bit like in this scene from the movie HotBlood :

Violent rape scene from the movie Hot Blood – Best rape porn

When guys just can’t restrain their crazy mind !

violent rape scene from a thriller movie
He fuck and rape the girl one after the other

Hitchhiker rape, a drama for the women

During the 80’s it was common to heard hitchhiker women claimed to be raped. You could say that it’s dangerous to take the road alone… But seriously… Men can’t keep their dick when there is a lonely woman ?

It’s really stupid that men can go in a stranger car with less risk than women… We live in a real cruel world…

Hitchhiker rape scene with sexy blonde
finaly he finish with the busty blonde
Date: November 27, 2022

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